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Support Guidelines

The purpose of this guideline is to communicate frequently asked questions about the expectations of the client and Summit Support Staff. This document also outlines what is/is not covered under the Standard Support Agreement and information about the protocol used by Summit for support, education and training. In addition, this document includes information on how to log a support issue.

How do I contact someone for help with my Summit Software?

  • If you are a new hire/have never received training on the Summit Software in use, please email so that we may provide you with a proposal for training.
  • If you have had software installed by Summit and are still in delivery, please contact your assigned Implementation Manager directly for product support assistance. The Implementation Manager is the individual that worked with you on the installation of the software and is/has provided training. Contact if you need to obtain the contact information for your assigned Implementation Manager.
  • If you have fully completed product training and are having problems with the software, please see the Summit Customer Support Procedures below to open a ticket with our Support Team.

What if I just need a license key?

  • Your Product license serial number should have been communicated by the assigned Summit Implementation Manager. That said, if you have lost your product serial number/keys, please email and a ticket will automatically be generated so that we may collect the required information to look up your product serial number.
  • If you have your product serial number, after downloading the software from the Client Area and installing, please run the application and you will be presented with an Activation Wizard. Enter in the serial number and your email address and click “Activate via the Internet”. In some cases this is blocked (you must have port 900 to and from open (bidirectional) for this to work), in which case you can alternately use the “Activate via Email” or “By Phone” options. Note: If you have a much older version of the software, upon first launch you may be given a “Computer Key” which you will need to email to so that we may return a response key in order to activate the software.

What is covered under the Standard Support Agreement?

  • Support – Remote support will be provided during business days between 9:00 am – 5:30 pm EST. Annual support includes both ongoing product enhancements as well as product support. We typically have 1 major release/upgrade to the product annually as a result of client feedback and our internal product development staff’s enhancements. Summit Healthcare will provide 1st line support for the software components to ensure the product is functioning as designed.
  • Web-Based Help Desk – This system will automatically assign a ticket number and you can then see the progress on problem resolution. In addition, we maintain a toll-free support number so that you can speak directly to one of our support engineers. See the Customer Support Procedures on how to access our Help Desk.
  • Client Area Resource - We highly recommend that you take advantage of this web based resource for information on Free Educational Webinars, Product User Guides, Sample Scripts, SAM Maps, Knowledge Base Articles, and Videos for certain features/functions of our software and Product Download links. To sign up for an account or reset your password, please visit
  • After Hours Support - After hours on-call support will be provided with 2-hour call back for Level I critical issues.  Level I is defined as issues that render a system inoperable and significantly affecting workflow in critical areas.  All other non critical issues received during non business hours will be addressed the next business day. Should the client desire to book a support technician during after-hours or weekends, a premium hourly rate of $300/hour with a minimum of 1 hour will be applied. Please email if you wish to get more information (2 week notice is requested whenever possible).

What is not covered under the Standard Support Agreement?

Non Software Support – In order for us to provide the best support possible to all of our clients, requests made for assistance with any of the following items will have a minimum charge of $200 with an incremental fee of $150/hour for business work hours and $300 on off hours. The Summit Support Technician will ask for the client to accept these terms before the work is to begin.

  • Modifications to any Summit Product that are needed due to a HCIS Platform change, new regulatory requirements or third party changes
  • Hardware Upgrades/Migrations/SQL Database Moves
  • New or existing Script (SST), InSync Extraction or Summit Scheduler modifications (due to changes made on the host platform, new/changed integration, etc)
  • New or existing Interface Filters/Maps/Message Modifier/VB Control Script modifications (due to desired design changes)
  • New or existing DRS Reports (added reports, changes to navigation, locations or shortcuts)

Note:  In questionable cases, Summit will first confirm the product is functioning as designed prior to suggesting a Time and Materials contract. If a contract is deemed necessary, the client will be billed for the total time dedicated to the task for consulting/developing/design or supported assistant. The support time should not exceed 72 hours (3 days) without a standard services & support contract. Any Non Software Support has a 1 hour minimum.

Expectations of the Client:

  • Client is responsible to maintain the hardware environments hosting the Summit software and ensure all Windows patches are applied. All SQL databases are the responsibility of the client, including backups and restores, disk space monitoring and other related maintenance procedures (database shrinks, etc.).
  • Client will have troubleshot the issue and shared what they have tried in the Support case. Support cases must entail details of the issue, attached documents (screenshots), logs for the given timeframe, scripts, schedules, InSync Projects, maps or modifiers, etc.
  • Client should report back to support cases on any updates and respond in a timely manner to questions or suggested solutions made by the Summit Support Technician.
  • Support cases will be closed if no response is received from the customer within one week of a Summit response.
  • Clients are provided with documentation and access to KB (knowledge book) articles and information on the Client Area for review and knowledge
  • All Support requestors should have received full training on the Summit Product in use by a Summit Education Specialist.
  • For any integration product (HL7/XML), it is the responsibility of the client (unless otherwise specified in a contract agreement with Summit) to contact the third party vendor associated with a particular interface to resolve interface connectivity issues. Outsourcing Clients, please see the Outsourcing Guidelines. In addition, the client is responsible to review the logs and initially restart the service or an interface as necessary before calling Summit. If the restart of the interface/service fails to address the issue please notify Summit of the interface problem. Summit will work remotely to diagnose the issue and restore services if the issue is related to our software components. The only software Summit controls is the Summit integration product.
  • For Summit DRS Desktop, it is the responsibility of the client (unless otherwise specified in a contract agreement with Summit) to take ownership of the following:
    • Report(s) generation from the source system to the DRS Server (communication, permissions issues, Scripts, etc.) and the initial troubleshooting as shown in the DRS User Guide.
    • Full responsibility for hardware and network troubleshooting
    • Normal maintenance (add/delete users, shortcuts, reports, applying OS patches) as shown in the Maintenance section of the DRS User Guide
    • Review the Summit Scheduler logs and stop/restart/restore of the Summit Master DRS Scheduler as necessary before calling Summit. If the restart of the existing/restored Scheduler fails to address the issue please notify Summit of the problem. Summit will work remotely to diagnose the issue and restore services if the issue is related to our software components.

Expectations of Summit Support:

  • For quality purposes, all support inquiries are managed through the Summit Help Desk portal as a point of triage and to maintain appropriate tracking of a support question or issue.
  • Summit will provide support services to identify if a product defect is identified as the root cause of a given issue and the appropriate escalation procedures will be administered to provide a workaround or resolution.
  • Any items not documented in the current KB article or known resolution will initiate a support engineer to assist with the issue resolution and creation of the KB as needed
  • Resolutions found will be presented in writing as a ticket update
  • If clients wish the engineer to implement the solution a Time & Material cost will incur – support contracts will need to be signed for this work by both parties
  • All resolutions will be documented in HelpSpot and/or a KB which will be provided to the client
  • Support will share information on known issues as available (for out of scope/third party vendor software)

Summit Customer Support Procedures – How to log a Support Issue

The purpose of this document is to convey general support procedures for Summit Healthcare Clients to follow. Topics include Normal/On Call Support and escalation procedures.

Remote support will be provided during business days between 9:00 am – 5:30 pm EST. After hours on-call support will be provided with 2-hour call back for Level 1 critical issues. All other issues will be addressed by the next business day.

Support Options – Normal Business Hours 9:00am ET – 5:30pm ET:

Support Options – After Hours:

  • After hours, please call: +1 (866) 925-9375 for any LIVE integration issue and the On Call Engineer will be paged. Please note that it is very important to leave a voice mail message as this triggers the page to the On Call Engineer and also ensures the proper escalation procedures will trigger as appropriate – the On Call Manager is paged if a voice message is older than 1.5 hours and will escalate the ticket.
  • If you have a non-urgent support issue, you may use any one of the Support Options to log an issue with the Help Desk. Our automated system will alert via email if the ticket has been received after normal business hours and urge clients that have a LIVE integration issue to call the Support line for further assistance.